Peter van Aller

Digital Strategist

In short

I know how to talk to clients, and how to make them see the added value of a great user experience. Pragmatic enough to see budgets are not endless, idealistic enough to never stop trying, team player enough to keep working to get to the best possible solution.

Peter van Aller
  • Sucessfully fulfilled the role of team lead.
  • Won numerous client pitches and RFPs.
  • Great impact in clients retention.
"I firmly believe that putting the end-user first delivers the best value for all involved. Business requirements and user experience should not collide, but rather strengthen each other."



To obtain a senior position as a digital strategist in an organization in or around Austin, Texas, that deeply cares about the way digital products work for people.
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(Also: why did I move to the USA?)



Detail of TV interface for Nitro Nitro case study
SeaChange is a supplier of back and front-end video solutions for cable operators. This was my job for about 1 1/2 years, right up to my move to the USA to be with the love of my life.


Process examples
Process matters, a few examples of the way I visually communicate and quantify my ideas and opinions.


I love to keep busy. My own endevours and favors to friends.


Peter van Aller
(512) 571-6749

Bastrop TX 78602